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Should you take a degree in aerospace engineering?


Not everyone's first choice would be taking a degree in aerospace engineering. Most people would think of civil engineering, chemical engineering or electrical engineering. A degree in aerospace engineering is something that is not common among the public. The majority will not think of taking this degree in the first place. Everyone should be exposed to various kinds of degrees in life in order to choose the right one. If you know more degrees, then you will have more options to choose from instead of narrowing down to a few only.

First off, if you have the passion for creating or inventing new items, especially inventions that will make an impact on the world, aerospace engineering gives you a chance to do so. To make things more clear, aerospace engineering is all about research and development, as well as testing and maintenance. Some of them use computer-aided design software in order to create their plans. Those engineers with experience will probably do more investigating the aircraft that crashes or parts that are malfunctioned.

Mathematics, science and technology are usually the subjects that are being learned as a student of aerospace engineering. Some of the specialisations include propulsion, aerodynamics and so on.

What you might learn with an aerospace engineering degree?

In general, aerospace engineering students will be exposed to many modules and have wide knowledge in the industry of aerospace. A degree in aerospace engineering will usually last for 3 years or 5 years. It depends on the qualification type. There will be placed in the years as well, which usually happens in the third year. Dynamics, fluid mathematics and so on are part of the modules that you will learn in a degree in aerospace engineering. Not to mention, aside from practical jobs, you learn more about computer-aided engineering as well.

What do you need to take on an aerospace engineering degree?

Math and physics is a must for those that want to take an aerospace engineering degree. Though some universities accept chemistry to replace physics, generally, if you take physics, you will most likely be a better applicant to apply to an aerospace engineering degree.

Ideally, math and physics related courses and modules are encouraged to take during the entire course of aerospace engineering. This is in order to make sure you have a full understanding and grasp of these subjects to further enhance your skills once you enter the working world.

What do they do during the job?

Aerospace engineering is one of the most fast-growing industries in the United Kingdom, it is actually the second largest aerospace sector. It is not a surprise that many of the aerospace engineering students will stay in the given industry for many years until they retire. The reason being there are many opportunities available if you have a degree in aerospace engineering. The few options you can do is working at a satellite platform, as well as aircraft manufacturers for certain companies such as civil or any military company in the world. One example of an aerospace aircraft that was built is the UA Aerospace Malaysia Y12F.

Aside from aerospace engineering, those that studied IT can also work in the aerospace industry. These people will mainly be in charge of the business and the control of quality. There is also maintenance and other parts of the working life that aerospace engineers are able to apply to work for as well.

Notable people that studied aerospace engineering

To inspire and motivate you to consider taking a degree in aerospace engineering, there are a few astronauts that took a course in aerospace engineering. Neil Armstrong is one of the famous people that studied aerospace engineering. He is also known as the first man of the the moon. There was also a shuttle space disaster that happened in 2003, where Kalpana Chawla, one of the astronauts, was killed.

To sum it up, you should always consider a wide range of options whenever you are a fresh graduate of high school or just someone who loves gaining knowledge and learning about certain new things. You have a wide range of opportunities if you were to take on a course in aerospace engineering. Although it is a course that is not common, you can't go wrong in taking it as it is still a good course to take. There are many practical jobs and skills you will learn along the way, specifically in engineering and mathematics. Lastly, you might even get a chance to work on the famous UA Aerospace Malaysia Y12F.

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